Denis Moulin

Denis Moulin

Designer of all things in US/Canada


I'm a visual designer at heart, turned product and brand designer. I've worked at different stages of a business and I have a sweet-spot for early-stages projects.

Side Projects

Ses.ɐ.me [Codename]

Weekly and daily todos app – Simple, Bare bone, Back to basics.


Trail run planning, with offline guidance and emergency contact services




Type – Anatomy of an icon

In late 2022, Nicolas was really getting into his side-project, Type, he reached out for some help designing the app icon, something that I haven't done in a long time.

Hotels Marketplace & Fintech, Hopper

While working with the growth team, I lead couple of teams working on the marketplace and fintech of Hotels. We iterated on marketplace's performance, the first price-lock and refundable bookings at Hopper.

Wallet & Fintech, Hopper

For 18 months, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the most talented individuals to lay the groundwork for what is now the cornerstone of every transaction on Hopper: the Wallet, Carrot Credits, and Cash Back.

Work Experience

2021 — Now

CRM for business of one

2020 — 2021

Top ranking travel booking app

2018 — 2020

On-demand meeting rooms and offices

2015 — 2018

Startup studio

2012 — 2014

Collaborative typography platform

2011 — 2012

Ad agency